Looking to rent your property out? There are no hard and fast rules about which letting agent to choose but bear in mind, a local agent is probably the best bet. They have a good knowledge of the area, are on hand to answer any questions you may have and can also manage your property. Here are a few reasons why you should choose a local lettings agent rather than an alternative.

  • You’ve spent a lot of money buying and doing up a property. What you need are tenants who will respect and take care of it. A local lettings agent won’t be too far away if they need to pay a visit or if the tenant has any problems. This is just one of the advantages of going local.
  • Local lettings agents have a built-in knowledge of pricing property to let. If for instance your property is situated on a quiet, residential estate, the rent will be reflected to attract good tenants. Agents can build a picture of exactly how much rent to ask no matter which type of property you have.
  • Once the property is advertised to let, prospective tenants will appreciate useful information a local lettings agent can offer. They know whether there are shops close by, schools, if it’s a quiet neighbourhood and a lot of the history of the location.
  • A good reason to use local lettings agents is that they know just where to advertise your property. With so many houses and flats around to choose from, you want yours to stand out from the crowd. Appealing photographs are taken that show off the property to its highest standard.
  • Price is of course a high priority. Experienced lettings agents have a good idea of what property in your particular area is worth and will set a rental price accordingly. You may want to ask a little more, but all in all, you should put your trust in the experts.

Keep in touch

It’s advisable to use a letting agent who can get the best possible return on your property. Being local means it’s easy to keep in touch either by phone or email. Landlords can have a lot of the onus taken off them by using agents who have years of experience in the rental property market.

Letslivehere For Sale SignProfessional lettings agents will take care of all the legalities and paperwork incurred when renting out a property. A dedicated team can check references, carry out credit checks, confirm employment details and make sure the tenant can legally reside in the UK. They will create a tenancy agreement as well as certification for gas and electricity. An Energy Performance Certificate will also be handed to the new tenant by the lettings agent.

Once you decide to rent your property out, there will be so much to do. With this in mind using the services of professional lettings agents is certainly advantageous. They can save you time, expense and above all, know what they are doing.

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