Does your personality match the Newcastle suburb you live in?

From its energetic nightlife, superb shopping and top-notch cuisine, Newcastle is one of the most exciting cities in the world! Voted ‘Great Britain’s no.1 tourist attraction’ by The Rough Guide to Britain it’s no wonder why you’re considering to move to the north east.

It may be a relatively small city with less than 300,000 people and 40,000 students but you’ll find it accommodates to your every need. Letslivehere specialises in finding the best property for your individual needs! Check out our suburb choices based on your personality:

The bargain hunter

Get familiar with Heaton. The standard of properties is value for money and has an abundance of independent cafes, BYO restaurants and bars that hold the ultimate pub quiz. Both Heaton and Chillingham Road will keep your adventurous heart satisfied with numerous independent retailers that calls for a few hours bargain hunting on your to-do list.

The trendiest cafes in Newcastle can be found in this humble suburb such as The Naked Deli who offers organic, paleo style meals and The Butterfly Cabinet you produce a “damned good cup of coffee’. Need not to worry about getting into the city centre with the number 1 bus available every 8 mins and Chillingham road metro.

Naked Deli in Heaton

The book worm

Sandyford is where you will shine bright. With a hop, skip and jump to uni it means you’ll never worry about how you will get home after a late night out at the library. Nestled into a charming quiet area of Newcastle, studying at home won’t be a problem either as you won’t get noisy neighbours blasting music at 1am. Feel like letting loose? Sandyford has many hidden gems such as your local The Bluebell which has one of the best beer garden’s in the city where you can relax and enjoy a cold beverage. If you feel like leaving the nest, Jesmond and the city centre is situated within close proximity.

The sick-of-it-all final year

The Brandling Arms GosforthGosforth is your top pick. You are as mature as uni students come. With a range of independent shops, unique bars, vibrant cafes and every supermarket known, you could easily not leave the Gosforth bubble. It is the place to escape to after a long day at uni without going home and being surrounded by rowdy uni students. But that doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun’¦with charming local bars such as The Brandling Arms and close distance to Jesmond, you can tailor your evenings as you like it. With only a sort 15-minute bus ride or metro into the city centre you’ll find it’s the happy travel medium.

The night owl

Find yourself an exclusive Tyneside apartment in the city centre. With 24-hour activity, entertainment and amenities right on your doorstep, you will never find yourself spending a weekend in watching episodes of ‘Come Dine with Me’. Become a regular among the best spots in town ‘Oh, 50cent was in Newcastle? Old news, you were in his VIP section of Tup Tup Palace on Sunday night.

The city centre is the perfect place to live when you stay up all night and have a 9am lecture the next day, as you can literally roll out of bed minutes before class.

The party animal

The place to be, Jesmond. Your popularity rank just moved up 10 places. This stylish and upmarket area is right up your ally. The line of bars will find you devouring quality food at Jam Jar, making the most of happy hour at Osbornes or chilling on a Sunday afternoon with a few fine wines at Spy Bar. You will find it accommodates to students, professionals and locals alike so you will never experience a lonely night.


Jesmond is where anyone and everyone begins before a night out, but fear not, if you find yourself getting the boot from bars at 11pm head to As You Like It. Open till 2am Friday, Saturday and Sunday with live entertainment you’ll be sure to leave with your inner party animal satisfied. Jesmond is only a 10-minute walk or two-stop metro ride into Newcastle’s city centre your future hungover self will thank you!

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