Being away from home for the first time can be quite daunting. Students often find they can’t afford accommodation on their own, can’t keep up with the bills and don’t like being somewhere they don’t know. This is where shared accommodation is such a good idea. Having fellow students or flat mates sharing a rental property means everything is split, making each person’s time away from home more enjoyable.

Saving Money

Money SavingHere are a few steps to give you an idea of how to try and save money when out in the big, wide world:-

  1. Choose a student property that you and your friends can easily afford. Our flats or houses are all well-furnished so there’s not much to buy. Check the internet connection is great (it always is), the TV has plenty of entertainment features and an easy to understand bill at the end of each month. Sharing utility bills could reduce your personal costs by around 75% on an average of four people sharing.
  2. Do the food shopping together and buy in bulk. This will save cash in the long run. Make sure not to go overboard if you shop online and don’t buy expensive food. Take turns to do the cooking, someone else’s cooking tends to taste better than your own, right? Meal times is a good time to discuss classes and talk about different ways to save money. Shopping in bulk can save you as much as 30% a week on an average food bill.
  3. Transport – All of our student flats and houses are just distance from university, however if you don’t fancy walking, make sure to share transport with a flat mate. One of your flat mates might be lucky enough to have his or her own car. Offer to pay for petrol now and then which will save on travelling expenses. Conversely there are often special rates for students on public transport, so make enquiries in advance. Students generally get half price travel concessions.

Keep your new home tidy

Clean Student HouseOnce you’re away from home there’s no-one shouting at you to keep your room tidy! When in shared accommodation, try to keep on top of all the household chores. Why not set a weekly rota? This could include washing dishes, doing the laundry, ironing (maybe) and a weekly hoovering. It’s so easy just to let everything go especially when there are new people to meet, clubs to dance the night away in and bars to have a good drink in.

Although keeping a home neat and tidy won’t save money, it means you can enjoy your new life as a student. Fellow students won’t mind paying for a room in a well-kept home which at the end of the day, lightens your financial load somewhat.

Tips to bear in mind

Here are a few tips to help if you choose shared student accommodation:

  • Find a part time job like police ID parades
  • Try doing online surveys for discounts and freebies
  • Make home-made meals, ready meals are quite expensive
  • Forget designer clothes
  • Walk more
  • Buy second hand books

Following these tips can go a long way into making student life more affordable and happy. So there we have it, saving hacks advice for students in shared accommodation.

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