If you’ve tried everything (and we mean everything!) to help you focus better when you study, today, you may be in luck of finding the answer. Focus is all about routine… creating a routine to put yourself in the mood for some study (you’re probably expecting a punch line here but we’re serious this time!) After reading this article, we decided to try some methods to hone our focus’ and they work! If you really want to knuckle down to get some work done then this is the article for you!

  • Don’t look at the time – Let’s say you plan to revise for an hour, that hour will drag slower than the last lecture on a Friday if you keep staring at the time. So take your eyes off the clock and keep them on the books.
  • Isolate yourself in a quiet place – In a previous article we listed the best places to study. What seems like a fussy idea is a major factor in how well you will revise as the atmosphere and environment around you impact on your focus.
  • Turn the room temperature down – During a study, students were asked to put their arms in ice cold water after studying, and due to the shock the body received, it made the brain remember what happened before. This ‘revision technique’ is obviously this is too extreme to do every time you have an exam, but the idea is: you’ll remember more in the cold. We don’t expect you to live like an Eskimo, but lowering the temperature just below cosy will stop the urge to sleep.
  • Get comfortable – This doesn’t not mean you study in bed. No, sitting at a desk is where you should be studying. Find a good chair and sit with a good posture. Make sure you have bright lighting and your computer screen is at the right height. Wearing fluffy socks also helps!
  • Social media is a no scroll – Your biggest and main distraction is probably checking up on your ever fruitful social life. If you want to study, you’ll have to pause the popularity for a few hours. Turn your phone off so you aren’t tempted to read any notifications that pop up and make sure to log out of your email too so you won’t get any notifications from your laptop either.
  • Listen to the right music – Studies have shown us countless times that music helps you revise better. However it’s the choice of music that matters. Switch out the Limp Bizkit for some classical music, such as Mozart, Bach or Chopin. I’m sure you’ve listened to a few songs whilst typing or writing and have started writing the song’s lyrics! No lyrics, no distractions.
  • Have something on-hand to drink – Water or peppermint tea are the best things to drink whilst revising. Water is fuel for your brain. You’re making your brain do a mental marathon when you revise, and we couldn’t run one mile without a swig of water. Peppermint tea soothes the stomach so your body’s energy is purely focused on your brain.
  • Avoid high glycemic carbohydrates – Eating foods like oats, pasta and vegetables will be the best thing for you when studying as these are low GI carbs.High GI carbs are digested quickly, which means your body is juggling another big job whilst you study too. Low GI carbs will digest slower and will not use as much energy. Sounds crazy, but it works.
  • Set mini-goals – ‘WRITE ESSAY’ is a little too vague. Splitting the task into different parts can help you organise your time better. If you’re anything like me you’ll get a buzz just out of checking something off your list, use that smug feeling of achievement to spur you on to keep working!
  • Set a timer and take predetermined breaks – Take a break every hour to stretch your legs and get some air to let your brain absorb everything you’ve thrown at it. As we said before, turn the timer away and the time will go by faster. You’ll keep to your goals better and even get your work done quicker.

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