How-to protect your property while on holiday

It’s something many of us don’t think of till we are packed and walking out the door. We tell ourselves, ‘oh it’ll be fine, what are the chances?’ well actually 80% of burglaries happen while the property is empty. Save yourself the could’ve’s, should’ve’s and would’ve’s with our help protecting your property.

With only a few easy steps you can decrease the risk of burglaries while you are away. The trick is to make your house look ‘normal’, go overboard and it just looks ‘suspicious’. So how do you make your property look lived in while away? Get ready to take some notes’¦


  1. Lots of uncollected mail is a dead giveaway. Consider asking a friend or a trusted neighbor to collect your mail to avoid an overflow. They may even put out your bins and pop in to check-up on your property every couple of days if you’re lucky.
  2. Do not advertise your holiday dates to people you do not trust, not even on social media. If you do, you are making it a hundred times easier for the unknown to arrange a burglary.
  3. If your initial thoughts would be to close all the blinds in your home so no one can see inside, DON’T! Again, dead giveaway when it’s daytime and they’re still closed. Only close the blinds in ‘personal’ areas of the house. By leaving other areas open, such as your kitchen blinds, it will look like someone is still living there (just make sure you move all valuable items out of direct sight).
  4. It may be obvious but many of us are guilty of this do not leave any expensive items where it can be seen from the outside view, including televisions, speakers and computers. If you can’t take it with you put it in a room where the curtains are closed.
  5. Work with your landlord to help protect your home with outdoor security lighting. This will minimize the risk of anyone coming close to your property.
  6. Make your trusted neighbors aware of your holiday plans, as they will be able to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.
  7. Go through every room of the property and lock all doors, windows and gates. Also check that all locks are in good condition and do not need replacing. Don’t leave keys to the window nearby or in sight.
  8. Lastly, double check. Before you leave walk around your home and make sure all doors, windows and gates are secure. It’ll give you peace of mind just while you are off to enjoy your well deserved holiday.

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