We all know that feeling when your friends start talking about a certain “AMAZING” series that their watching. Then you soon realise that you are the only one that hasn’t seen it. As your mates laugh and joke and quote different elements of the show you are left flicking a half eaten chicken wing about the table.

Now you can chose to sit back as they go on and on about how its the greatest thing ever or kick up a fuss and try to change the subject but probably best just biting your tongue. Don’t worry it won’t be long until the next person brings up another show and it will start up all over again. Lets just hope you have seen the next show in question.

Now I’m sure everyone has there own favorite show! But what good is it watching Band of Brothers or Friday Night Lights if no one else is?????

Back in the old days everyone watched the same thing because they had to….Now I am certainly not saying these times where better it just meant it was easier to have a good old chat about the shows you like.

So what we would like to do at letslivehere is to help the future generations in picking the best sofa slouching entertaiment, because lets face it the short little descriptions (synopsis for those annoying people) just aren’t enough…..

So if your a fan of Breaking Bad, or you love Game of Thrones. We want to know…(More importantly I want to know)

Submit a quick review to – adam@letslivehere.co.uk (also I am not your english teacher so bad language and even badderer grammar is welcome)

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