Rental inspections aren’t an event we all particularly look forward to, that’s why letslivehere the property experts, are giving you insight to what they look for when undertaking an inspections.

What is a rental inspection?

The main purpose for a rental inspection is for the landlord to evaluate the condition of the property, and ensure there is no needed maintenance or repair issues with the property’s exterior or interior e.g. dampness or leaks. Usually your landlord will periodically hold rental inspections every 3-4 months, and give you at least 24 hours notice to when these occur.

Although it’s a dreaded event, inspections are a great opportunity for you to build your relationship with your landlord, and make him aware of any issues you are experiencing with the property. If you build a strong relationship with your landlord they are more likely to want to update property features and respond quicker to any repairs.

Rental inspection checklist

What should you be doing to prepare for your inspection? Use this checklist to ensure your property is ready for all property checks.

  • Start cleaning elements to the property as soon as you’re aware of your inspection so you’re not overwhelmed when it’s time to clean the whole property e.g. shower, toilet, oven.
  • Make a list of any issues with the property you wish to discuss.
  • Clean the property. Now is time clean properly, and don’t forget the little areas – the window sills, shower drain, exhaust fans. You don’t need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing, but the cleaner you present your property the more willing your landlord will be to do things for you.
  •  Make any minor repairs, such as, changing the light-bulb, scuff marks on the walls or fixing any carpet stains.
  • Clear any clutter. Get rid of any items you may not need.
  • Do a circuit of the exterior of the property and ensure there is no rubbish and lawns are mowed and tidy.
  • Lastly, if you have any pets ensure they are secured on the day of the inspection.

Rental inspections are crucial for your landlords, therefore we do advise to be as helpful and willing as possible.

You can speak to our friendly and helpful staff members here.

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