Its that time of year again when we all try to do our own little bit for those less fortunate. When we set aside any uptight inhibitions and just do what needs to be done.

Now here at letslivehere we take this very seriously with cakes being baked, silly attire being worn and a 5k run to name a few. All of which will not be done at the same time of course, that would be impressive!

We have raised a lot of money in aid of this cause but we need a big push!

As a little incentive our very own operations director Mike White ( has graciously given up drink for one weekend and donated;

A 3 Litre Bottle of Grey Goose Vodka – Retail Value of £279.99… thanks Mike! If you donate £1 You get one raffle ticket! As the meerkats say “simples”…

So pop in and get a ticket before the weekend. All proceeds go to Red Nose Day fundraising.

Hope you have a fantastic Red Nose Day.

Adam – letslivehere (