Presentation is key – Maximise your property’s potential to increase your leads and value.

Achieving the maximum rental value of your property is at the forefront of every landlords expectations. The average age of first time buyers is increasing and so are the numbers of renters in the housing market- rents are still on the rise, landlords should take advantage.

For many, the dream of becoming a first time buyer is far-reaching and renting is the only option.
As a result, expectations of renters are becoming increasingly demanding with tenants seeking properties that they can call home for the long term and they expect reputable landlords with reputable properties.

Presentation is key for your rental property. Play to your potential tenant’s senses.

-Does the property LOOK as best as it can?

-Does the property SMELL clean and fresh?

-Does the property SOUND homely and welcoming?

How your property appears is crucial. Ensuring your property looks tidy and well-maintained both internally and externally is important.

Before your potential tenants even walk through the front door, they should be met with a welcoming exterior.


Welcoming Front Exterior

If there is a garden or yard to the front, it should be well-kept.

  • Introduce some colour- a couple of plants with statement, bold pots can instantly turn a plain entrance into an exciting and vibrant introduction to your property.
  • Ensure the front door looks clean. If its a PVC door, it should be wiped clean to ensure no dirt or scuffed are present. If wooden, ensure the paintwork looks fresh and not chipped.
  • Check that the windows are clean and the paintwork around the windows looks clean and well-kept.

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes- if the property looks grubby externally, this could instantly lead to a negative impression of the interior.

Internally, your property needs to have the wow factor. Competition is growing, landlords are constantly up against it when it comes to finding tenants for their property with similar flats and houses up for rent in their catchment area.

If your property is up for rent at the same value as an almost identical property in the vicinity, what is going to make a potential tenant choose yours?

All too frequently, landlords are refurbishing properties for rental and churning out the same specification over and over again- magnolia walls, cheap laminate flooring, basic kitchens. Whilst these factors make a property look neutral, there will be no defining factors and you could run the risk of the property being left on the rental shelf.

Simple tweaks and tips

  • Accent Colours

Adding subtle splashes of colour to a room can instantly add definition and structure.

  • Update your gloss work

Ensure any skirting boards, picture rails, doors and frames have clean and fresh looking paintwork. This can instantly lift a room.

  • Renew silicone and grouting between tenancies/monitoring condensation

Any suggestion of damp or condensation in a property will suggest issues for potential tenants. If your property is standing empty, you must keep the property adequately heated and ventilated to avoid any issues of condensation arising. Use a plug-in air freshener to reduce any smells due to condensation as this will again suggest a property is unclean and damp.
Remove any signs of mould to tiles and grout as again this will make the property look cleaner and fresher.

  • Subtle accessories/modern fixtures

Soft furnishings may not have been on your refurb expense list but they can give a sense of warmth, colour and a homely feel to your property. They do not have to be expensive, simple additions such as curtains and rugs can make an empty property less noisey, reducing the ’empty echo,’ which again will feel much more appealing to the prospective tenant.


Smartphone, Smart Thinking

We now live in a world where technology governs. Think how many people you know who own a smart phone. Why not appeal to those tech-lovers- consider the installation of sockets with USB ports. They’re relatively cheap to buy and can be a quirky feature certainly worth a mention on a viewing.

Kitchens can be the make or break of a let. If a kitchen looks dated and tired, you could be losing tenants. Whilst it may be an expensive initial outlay, updating a kitchen will certainly increase your interest, generate more desirable tenants and also boost the rental value- in the long term, this would pay for itself.

Before you consider renting your property, always consider how it appears to your prospective tenants. Here at letslivehere, we offer our free valuation service to assess the rental value of your property and in addition, our team can also offer friendly and professional advice in order to maximise your property’s rental value.

Fill out our simple form today and one of our team will be in contact to discuss how we can help you find your next tenants.

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