Today is St Patrick’s Day when we celebrate everything Irish. A day which usually ends up in endless debates on subjects such as family heritage and love or hate for Guinness.

It can sometimes seem like a strange tradition to the outsider were everyone with any link to the Emerald Isle gets drunk, sings and dances like an “ejitt“. The best way to explain St Patrick’s Day to an outsider I found is in this way.

If when you hear the song at Christmas “A fairytale in New York” and secretly love singing the “scumbag ya maggot ya cheap lousy faggot” part then you will enjoy St Patrick’s Day.

On this day prudish social conventions need not be adhered to. Instead have one drink too many, stand with your arm around a complete stranger and mumble along to songs you don’t know. Keep you back straight, head held high and kick your legs like they are on fire, also known as a “céilí” or Irish Dancing.

Sláinte (good health)

Adam –


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