What do you need to know before moving into your new property?

So you’ve found your perfect new home? The hard part is done it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy the ride. Moving into your new property should be an exciting and unforgettable experience. We are here to help you every step of the way to ease your mind and make the process as simple and clear as can be. Here are a couple more steps you will want to complete before you move into your property.

Paperwork and Deposit

Before move-in all paper work needs to be completed, by all tenants moving into the property. The tenancy agreement must be signed, all reference checks accepted, and guarantor forms to be completed and returned. If these are not complete by all tenants, you all cannot move in, so it is important to get these sorted as soon as possible.

Once your references have been accepted, tenants must pay the balance of the ‘tenancy deposit’ plus the first month’s rent. The ‘tenancy deposit’ is an amount usually equivalent to one month’s rent to protect against any breaches of the tenancy agreement such as damage, rent arrears or breach of tenancy. This must be paid a month before the tenancy starts. The money is repaid at the end of the tenancy, subject to an inspection. Click here if you wish to make an online payment.

If you are wanting to pay your rent through a standing order (most tenants do) then we can send the necessary details to your bank. A standing order is simply a written instruction from you to your bank, stating how much, how often and for how long a certain amount of money needs to be paid from your bank to our bank or the landlord’s bank. Even though you have a standing order it does not mean it is working. It is your responsibility to ensure the payments are being made regularly check your account to confirm payments have been made, as if you miss a payment you could have to pay administration fees.

If you are an international student, and paying in advance, you will pay by bank transfer. Find out more details here.


Under the new Right to Rent legislation when collecting the keys for your new property you must provide us with your passport, and if needed, residence permit.


If the property is managed by ourselves then you will be provided with an inventory with photographs immediately prior/after move-in. It is advised that you cross-check this inventory list upon moving in, and make us aware of any items that does not match.

If your property is managed by your landlord, it is up to them to provide you with an inventory or not. Although, for your best interest we advise tenants to perform their own inventory; take photographs of each room and list the contents together with the condition of both the room and the furnishings then ask the landlord to sign it.


Upon move-in, it is essential you take meter readings as soon as you get to the property, to avoid over or under charging from your gas, electricity or water companies. It is your responsibility to contact all your suppliers and set up payments and accounts in your names and the local authority that you are the new tenant, or tenants. If you wish to have a TV, you will need to get a TV licence, which can be done online here. You will most likely want broadband also many providers offer 12 months contracts only, therefore set-up an account as soon as possible. If your rent is inclusive of bills you will not need to take meter readings. Some properties are offered on a bills-inclusive basis. You will be able to discuss if these options are available with your lettings negotiator.

Council Tax

Full-time students are exempt from Council Tax. You need to provide proof that you’re in full-time education. University administration departments can provide a Council Tax exemption form – see here.

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