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Jesmond is a very popular, stylish and upmarket area of Newcastle, hugely popular with students and professionals alike. It caters to the adventurous, energetic and outgoing, with trendy bars as far as the eye can see. You always find a bar to make the most of happy hour, and find the perfect place to start a night-out or enjoy a cruisy afternoon chilling in one of the many beer terraces of Osborne Road.

Depending on how energetic you are feeling, Jesmond is only a quick 10-minute walk or a short two metro stops into the city centre, and within easy reach of both Newcastle and Northumbria University (meaning you could probably get away with rolling out of bed 15mins before class).

For the more adventurous among you, you may want to explore the range of boutique shops, try the many restaurants and coffee shops which fill the streets of Jesmond and numerous gift shops. It is also home to Jesmond Dene, for days when you feel like taking a casual stroll through natures finest.

Our top picks

Restaurants / Cafes

jam jar jesmond burger

Burger – Jam Jar, Jesmond

Jam Jar – burgers on burgers…the perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon lunch or Saturday early tea before the night festivities begin. Delicious pancakes and milk shakes for hungover brunches.

Clean & Press – if you’re on a healthy kick or just feel like a refreshing meal this is where you want to be. Great selection of salads, wraps, smoothie bowls and pressed juices, you’re body will love you for it.

clean and press jesmond acai bowl

Smoothie Bowl – Clean and Press, Jesmond


Spy Bar – for the afternoons you want a casual drink while watching the football; and for the nights you want to have a pre-party before the party!

As You Like It – when wine and beer just doesn’t cut it and you feel like being a little fancy with cocktails.


Sound like Jesmond is the one for you?

We have selected our top properties to get you in and amongst all the action…

Wolseley Gardens

3 bedroom property for £86pppw

jesmond top student property

Open-plan kitchen and living area – Woslesley Garden

Grosvenor House

2 bedroom property for £95pppw

Grosvenor House, Jesmond student property

Open-plan kitchen and living area – Grosvenor House

Orchard Place

2 bedroom property for £87pppw

Orchard Place, Jesmond student property

Spacious living area – Orchard Place

Deneside Court

2 bedroom property for £83pppw

Deneside Court, Jesmond student property

Dining and living area – Deneside Court

Tavistock Road

3 bedroom property for £82.50pppw

Tavistock Road, Jesmond student property

Living area – Tevistock Road

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Jesmond是一个在纽卡斯尔十分受欢迎,高端时尚的地区,亦是学生和专业人士聚集的地方。在Jesmond的主街道两旁充满了兼具时尚和活力一身的酒吧。你经常可以在Osborne Road附近一家酒吧’happy hour’的时间找个舒适的位置享受你的晚餐和傍晚时光.




而对于你们之中更喜欢冒险的小伙伴,您可能想探索Jesmond范围内的精品店,或尝试一些餐馆和咖啡馆。Jesmond拥有众多礼品店,餐馆和咖啡馆供您选择,这里更拥有Jesmond Dene-大型的公共休憩公园,通过接触大自然让您感受前所未有的休闲和放松。






汉堡-Jam Jar,



Jam Jar-汉堡之王…最好的进餐时间是星期天下午茶和星期六早茶的时间, 要在晚上之前哦。记得试一下他们美味的Pancakes å’Œ Milk shakes。


Clean & Press-如果您正在减肥或想要新鲜的食物,这是您最好的选择。精选salads, wraps, smoothies bowls and pressed juices,您的胃会情不自禁地爱上它。


Smoothie Bowl Clean and Press, Jesmond




Spy Bar-傍晚如果您想要小酌一杯同时看场球赛:或者您想要在晚上狂欢前预热一下, 您将会在这里得到满足。


当喝红酒或啤酒不能满足您时, 或许你会更想要一杯鸡尾酒






Wolseley Gardens


jesmond top student property

开放式厨房和客厅 Wolseley Gardens


Grosvenor House


Grosvenor House, Jesmond student property

开放式厨房和客厅 Grosvenor House


Orchard Place


Orchard Place, Jesmond student property

拥有宽敞明亮的客厅Orchard Place

Deneside Court


Deneside Court, Jesmond student property

拥有宽敞明亮的客厅和餐桌 Deneside Court


Tavistock Road


Tavistock Road, Jesmond student property

客厅 Tavistock Road

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