Being a landlord has its highs and lows. The highs are you’ve made a good investment in property and are going to reap financial rewards. The lows unfortunately range from poor tenants, having the property trashed and dealing with problematic contractors. A few of the common issues you may come across with contractors can include:-

  1. Being unreliable – OK you’ve called a plumber to sort out the central heating boiler or fix a leaky radiator. He promised to be at the property first thing Monday morning and at 4 p.m. still hasn’t turned up. As a landlord there’s nothing more annoying than time wasted.
  2. A shoddy job – an electrician has been working all day at your property but from an amateur point of view you can see he has done a shoddy job. There are wires sticking out from fuse boxes, lights are half hanging off and wall switches are missing screws. A dangerous situation to say the least.
  3. The decorator – you were given the name of a so called professional decorator and feel you could have done it better yourself. There are bits of paint missing from the skirting boards and generally the work doesn’t look finished off at all. So it’s back to the drawing board.

To alleviate contractor problems, why not find out more about fully managed property services? Reputable companies are well known for delivering a quality service to landlords. This covers:-

  • Finding tenants
  • Taking on the full management of your property
  • Comprehensive brand marketing
  • Quarterly inspections
  • Drawing up tenancy contracts

These are only a few of the pluses in using managed property service firms. Experienced management property specialists will also help to find the best contractors, professionals who can be relied on.

It’s your investment

You’ve probably paid a lot of cash buying a rental property so don’t let poor contractors let you down. Making sure the house or flat is in pristine condition for your first tenant is essential for a good let. People prefer to move into a rental property that has everything done which includes clean, tidy décor. If you need further advice about property service companies, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Property Checklist

There are probably many questions you would like to ask property management experts:-

  • Do you deal with tenants directly?
  • Do you collect the rent?
  • What about maintenance issues and redecorating?
  • Are there discounted rates when using recommended trades people?

Benefits of using fully managed property services

When it comes to managing your property or indeed dealing with contractors, you can’t beat fully managed property service experts. Dedicated staff are able to keep costs low for contractors, help you find the right people to renovate properties as well as saving you time and cash.

Let fully managed property service agents take the strain by using trusted tradesmen who are trained and experienced in what they do. Any job, whether it’s dealing with electrics, plumbing or decorating, will be done right the first time around. Being a landlord and making money out of your investment is so much easier with fully managed property services.

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