Surviving on the last of your student loan

It’s nearing the end of the academic year, meaning your student loan may be running low. Maybe you spent a little much on a few nights out, didn’t take advantage of student discounts or went of a spending spree at the start of the term, then you want to read this blog.

Sharing our tips for when it’s a little too late to start all those great money saving tips you should’ve done months ago. One big tip to note is, every little bit counts.


  1. Sell, sell, sell

Any unwanted books, shoes, clothes, bags, old phones you want now. You will be amazed at how much junk and unwanted goods you can possibly sell for cash. Start a good clean out of your room and determine a price for each item. Now is when Gumtree, Ebay and any Facebook local selling groups will be your best friend. Even if you only get back £100, it’s going to help.


  1. Travel Smarter

Own a car? Now is the time to start charging your friends for rides and really think about trips you are making. If busing, catching the metro and even walking is a cheaper option take it! The sun is coming out, the days are longer and the extra walking will add to that summer body. Again, even if you’re only saving £20 a week by taking alternative transport, it all adds up.


  1. Plan meals ahead

Food is probably the bigger secret money eater in your account. By planning meals in advance you are less tempted to spend money unnecessarily, especially on take-outs. For cheap and easy recipes click here. Do your research and familiarize yourself with recipes so when you are out doing grocery shopping you can chop and change meals with any ingredients that are on special. It’s also a good idea to adopt non-branded shopping, because the .80 pence decrease on each can have baked beans can really help your grocery bill. If you have a flat mate that is in the same boat as you, plan meals together as its usually cheaper, especially when the special is 2 4 1 on bags of vegetables or rice.

Thai Curry for students on the last of their student loan

Thai curry recipe

  1. One off jobs

You’d be surprised at how many jobs you can find that don’t require a long-term commitment, from surveys, focus groups and promotional work. Ensure you are continuously checking student careers websites and searching for any opportunities online.


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