Is your heating and hot water not working? Before you contact your landlord or managing agent there are some simple steps you can follow which might help solve the problem. First, you must determine your boiler type.

Combination gas boilers or ‘Combis’

Combination Boilers supply both heating and hot water when required. Ensure the boiler is switched on; you can find the switch either underneath or to the side of the boiler. After you have turned the boiler on, check your timer settings to cross this off as potential reason the boiler is not on. You should also ensure the main dial on the front of the boiler to see whether both or either heating and hot water are switched on. If all appears to be correct, check for an error code or error lighting display.

If the error code is E119 this means low pressure. This is the most common error and is easy to solve. Low pressure simply means the pressure in the boiler isn’t high enough to pump the hot water around the system. Boilers lose pressure constantly so it isn’t usually an indication that your boiler is faulty. You can re-pressurise the boiler either by following the boiler manual or by checking online for the make and model.

If you don’t feel confident, contact your landlord or managing agent. At letslivehere you can call our support team who will either talk you through the process or visit you to show you how to fix it.

Electric boilers and heaters

If you have an electric boiler to heat your water, you’ll need to contact your landlord or managing agent. If you do not have you’re heating supplied by an electric boiler or electric radiators first check they are switched on and that the fuse box hasn’t tripped.

Prepayment gas cards

Ensure you have topped the meter with money before contacting your landlord or managing agent.

Resetting a back boiler

Back boilers are gas boilers that are usually set behind a gas fire. If it’s not working it may need resetting. Remove the bottom panel on the gas fire and hold down the gas button whilst pressing the ignition button for a good minute until the flame lights. Again if you have any problems with this contact your landlord or managing agent.

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