Cheap and Easy Halloween DIY Decorations

The chill has set in and leaves have started to turn brown, the perfect setting to pull out the spooky and eerie decorations for Halloween. These 5 DIY decorations for your home are inexpensive and quick to make when you want to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Try this ideas for a Halloween party or if you just want to scare the kids next door.

1. Window shadows: Create ghostly silhouettes in your house windows that are really easy and impressive. Simply cut out shapes from black card and secure to your windows!

halloween window silhouettes

2. Wicked witch from Snow White: Haunt your visitors with this DIY Halloween mirror, by simply printing off a spooky image and fixing it to your mirror, then sit back and watch the frights.

Halloween DIY Mirror

3. Jack Skellington Door: Welcome your trick or treaters with this errie front door Jack Skellington smile. Simply cut out your shapes from black card and use black tape to fasten to the door.



4. Bloody footsteps: Terrify your visitors with a gruesome scene – all you need to make is red print and a long sheet of white paper/material.



5. Wall of Bats: Nothing like a swam of bats to send shivers down your spine. Create this creepy wall feature with black card cut-outs.

Halloween DIY Bats


If you recreate any of the above, upload a picture to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us. Hope you have an unusual Halloween!