After the first few weeks of Uni its time to start thinking about next year and where you are going to live. The most important part in finding a property for next year is who you are going to live with, no-one can tell you who you should be living with but yourself.

Properties can range from 1 beds up to 9 beds and they have their advantages and disadvantages. So take the next couple of weeks to think hard about what you want and need then thats were we come in.

A few options of who to live with?

  • People from your course  – Great for late night sessions before hand in’s, all have the same days off for nights out but can get competitive not only in regards to the course but also fighting for the bathroom early in the morning before class.
  • Hometown Homies – The appeal of living with people from your home town is hard to resist. You can all travel home together and share in the inevitable inside jokes. Although Uni is a time to meet new people and broaden your horizons.
  • Team Mates – For those taking part in any extra curricular activities this can be a good option. Living with your team mates can help solidify your bond on and off the field. Depending on your chosen activity this could result in a lot of equipment throughout your new home.
  • Night out friends – You have probably started to develop your own click for hitting the Toon! Sharing some memorable late nights tearing up the dance floors and mornings after analyzing the night in hilarious detail.
  • The Workers – For those having to juggle studying and part-time work this could be a great option. As financially you will probably all be on the same page, and you can help each other through those tough times with communal cooking sessions.
  • The Lone Wolves – Some people just like their own space, after a hard day at Uni they want nothing better than to retreat to their own fortress of solitude. Living in a 1 bedroom property or studio doesn’t mean your cut off from everyone. There will still be many opportunities to socialize outside of your home!

There are endless different combinations but just take your time and when you are ready, we shall help you find the perfect place for the next year at Uni!

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