How-to get your deposit back at the end of tenancy

Find out our best tips to maximizing the chances of getting your full tenancy deposit back.

The end of University year is nearing to a close, so that means your tenancy most likely is as well. It can be a stressful time of year, not to mention exams and moving out, but with the help of letslivehere getting your deposit back can hopefully be one less stress to worry about.

A rule of thumb and condition in your tenancy agreement is that you must leave the property in the same condition as you found it. Landlords have no reason to withhold tenancy deposits usually an amount equivalent to one month’s rent unless there is any breaches of the tenancy agreement such as damage, rent arrears or breach of tenancy. If improvements have been made to the property, then these should be left unaffected. Wear and tear on any tenancy of two years of less should be minimal, so any damage or uncleanliness will usually be chargeable.

Because deposit refunds are subject to an inspection it is a good idea to refer back to the photo evidence taken at the beginning of tenancy. It all begins upon move in, your landlord or letting agent should be taking photos of the condition of the property as evidence which is sent to all tenants. A common mistake is that tenants do not cross-check these photos before move in, and if there is anything that isn’t recorded, ask for it to be added to the inventory. Taking your own set of photos and send them to the landlord or agency upon move which will be useful once it is time to move out.

Our lettings team will provide you with a handy move-out guide. But to get you started, here is a checklist of points that will help you leave the property in the right condition and thus minimise the chance of any charges:

  1. The property should be cleaned to a professional standard.
  2. There should be no personal items in the property, including food and clothing.
  3. Nothing in the property should be damaged or need repairing.
  4. There should be no new marks on the walls.
  5. There shouldn’t be any stains on the carpets or floors.
  6. There should be no condensation or mould growth, especially in the bathroom and kitchen.
  7. The back and front yards or gardens should be clear from rubbish and debris.
  8. Furniture should be put back to where it was at the start of the tenancy, and should not be damaged.
  9. Final meter readings should have been taken.
  10. Keys that were in the property when you moved in (such as window and back door keys) must be left in the property, and all keys given by us to you must be returned when agreed.

Bear in mind that the majority of deposit deductions are as a result of poor cleanliness. So make sure it’s cleaned to a professional standard not just given a once-over!

To read our end-of-tenancy FAQs visit here, or send us a message below if you want to chat to one of our helpful staff.

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