Fresher’s Week run by the Students’ Union in Newcastle is the main programme of social activities for new arrivals. It provides all students with a warm welcome during their registration period. There’s plenty going on in and around the city. Fresher’s Week is the ideal event to find out:-

  • Where to go for a night out
  • Which activities to sign up for to get freebies
  • About students’ fares
  • About students’ social events

Fresher’s Week is designed to introduce you to the university and the city of Newcastle. You couldn’t have chosen a better place to study in. Newcastle has an exciting range of shops, bars and nightlife. The “toon” has been voted as one of the best cities in the UK for student experience. There’s lots of interesting heritage around, great views especially around the quayside, as well as local businesses that are student-friendly.

Get a wristband

Fresher Week is the perfect opportunity for new students to the universities and the city as a whole to make the most out of their stay. To do this and partake in the day and night planned activities, you can buy a £70 wristband which will give you an all-access pass to the city’s many festivities. With so much going on when you arrive on campus, one of the first things you should do is get a wristband. It’s a great introduction to student life.

Newcastle University Student's Union Freshers 2018

Handy hints, tips and advice

Here are some top hints and tips to get the most out of your Fresher’s Week experience:-

  • Take advantage of the many activities on offer such as paintballing and comedy nights hosted in many of the local venues.
  • Sign up for as many societies as possible. If it’s your first term, pick and choose the ones you wish to focus your time and energy on.
  • Take time to explore and check out local businesses around the campus. You might find a place to work for that much-needed extra cash, while meeting the friendly locals.
  • Go to theme nights at the Students’ Union. Enjoy cheap drinks and student-catered music where you can dance the night away with new room-mates or friends.
  • Make the most out of free food offers, specifically for students. When signing up for new activities, ones which involve food often get filled up quickly. Plan ahead and get your name on the sign-up sheet, fast.
  • If you’ve got a student loan, don’t spend it all at once. OK, it might be tempting, but blowing all of your money during the first week won’t bode well for your time as a student in Newcastle.

Enjoy your student Fresher Week experience and the various activities available. Everyone has the chance to try something new and get to know Newcastle really well. There are lots of perks, freebies and opportunities out there for students.

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