The Essentials to any New Year’s Eve Flat Party!

The party season is upon us! If planning NYE in town is stressing you out, we have the perfect alternative and it’s probably just as fun! Our team has had a lot of party experience so trust us when we say this is what you need for the ULTIMATE flat party. Apart from a letting your neighbours know and inviting guests, you need the following:

What is a party without a game of beer-pong? Not complete. You don’t need a lot to put this game on and it’s definitely a game that gets everyone pumped and having a good time.

Players required: Two teams of two.
Materials requires: any rectangle table, plastic cups and a ping pong ball.
Skills required: accuracy and hand-eye coordination which gets a little tricky the deeper you are in.

For all of beer-pong rules click here.

You can’t leave 2015, and enter 2016 without a BANG! A glass of bubbles is vital after countdown!

For NYE sometimes canned RTD’s just don’t cut it. Turn an ordinary party into the extraordinary. Prepared table of cocktails won’t only make everyone want to turn up early but makes for a classier selfie prop.

Here is our favourite cocktail recipes:

Double shot of vodka + ½ a shot of orange liquor + a squeeze of lime juice & top with cranberry juice.

flat party essential

Cosmopolitan cocktail – the ultimate flat party essential | image via

No. 57 Screwdriver
Ice + double shot of vodka + squeeze of lemon juice & top orange juice.

flat party

Screwdriver cocktail – Flat Party Essential | image via


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