Are you newly qualified from university or a young professional searching for your first rented home? Looking for a property to rent can be quite stressful and many people often don’t know where to start. Find the right home first by doing some research on properties in the area which you prefer, then after that, you might be stuck on where to go from there. Here are our five key steps to help you through the process of renting your first home.

Make sure your finances are in good order

Before even looking for rental property, check your finances and also the many renting options available to you. This will save a great deal of time when it comes to actually choosing somewhere to live. Speaking to a member of our team can help you decide on the right choice of property for your monthly budget.

Do your homework

Make sure you do your homework before making that final decision of which type of property to rent and the location. Check there are local amenities, schools, shops, banks and leisure facilities, everything you may need. Is there a good range of cafes, bars and restaurants, social hubs where like-minded professionals meet?

Find the right property

When you have found the right property and also made sure you can comfortably afford it, there are still certain things to look out for. Does the rental have everything you need? Are you close to transport links if you don’t have a car? Are the local amenities and facilities within walking distance?

Financing Your Home

Be a good tenant

Although the landlord will have the last word on who he or she wants in their property, it always pays to be a good tenant. This involves paying the rent on time along with keeping the property clean and tidy. Remember to let the landlord know if there are any problems that need to be resolved quickly, be responsible.

Letting agents

If a letting agent is involved in the renting out of a property, as a first-time tenant you won’t be able to provide previous landlord references. Don’t worry, a credit check will be carried out by the letting agent on your behalf. You will need to provide your bank details, where you are employed, job title and salary. After all you need to be able to prove you can afford the rent.

Read the tenancy agreement

Do read the tenancy agreement to find out about your rights and the rights of the landlord. The most important thing when renting someone else’s property is to take care of it as though it was your own home. Moving anywhere new is exciting and often challenging. There are plenty of handy hints, tips and advice online to keep you on the right track about renting your first home.

House Keys

When it comes to moving out you can either extend the rental agreement or relocate to another property of your choice. You will need to provide notice in writing to the landlord if you’re intending to move out. Give the property a good clean and make sure everything is in good order. Being a reliable tenant will stand you in good stead for your next rental property.

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