The festive season has been and gone, so if you’re anything like any other student, you are low on funds. If you’re regretting ‘treating yourself’ over the holidays, then letslivehere have tips on how to save while eating out and Newcastle’s best cheap eateries.

1. Deli Espresso (Health) | 3A Salters Road, Gosforth

If you are looking for a place for brunch with friends or a healthy option for breakfast or lunch Deli Espresso is our pick. They offer a variety of healthy sweet and savoury options (try the 4 egg omelette), alongside some not so “healthy” options (the Bacon Brie & Cranberry Panini or Red Velvet Brownie is naughty good). There is nothing on the menu over £7 and the portions are big enough to serve 2 of an average person.

Deli Espresso Gosforth

letsEAThere: Deli Espresso in Gosforth – image via deliespresso

2. Beirut Lounge (Lebanese) | 5 Heaton Road, Heaton

Voted #1 on Trip Advisor as best Newcastle Restaurant, this Lebanese restaurant is wallet friendly and BYO (Bring Your Own Alcohol). The menu offers many options and every item is as good as each other. If you don’t know where to start, try the Cheese Sambousak or the Hummous. If you are craving good quality food but don’t want to break the bank, try Beirut Lounge.
Tip: Sign up for newsletters. As much as it’s annoying clearing your inbox of junk mail, this is where many restaurants send you exclusive offers.

3. Pizzeria Italia (Italian) | 391 Benton Park Road, Newcastle

Better than Dominos (yes we said it). The Pizzeria Italia uses authentic Italian ingredients to make their pizzas and is amazing value for money with pizzas starting at £4.90. Whether you’re satisfying a pizza craving or need a good hang over fix, we suggest trying the Pizzeria Italia.
Tip: Take advantage of your student discount card and vouchers. Trust us, the restaurants want you to use them. Remember all those goodie bags from Fresher’s Week? Dig through and make the most of the offers and vouchers.

4. Zapatista Burrito Bar (Mexican)

Can’t do any wrong with a char grilled chicken burrito or a chilli con carne nachos with all fillings for a lazy lunch. For an average of £5 a meal, it’s a great choice for when a group of friends want to eat out. Located off Northumberland Street in Newcastle City (Ridley Place) as well as Grainger Street.
Tip: Bring Your Own Booze. If you are a planning dinner out with friends or celebrating a special occasion, do your research and find a restaurant that has BYO – potentially saving you a lot of money.

zapatista burrito bar newcastle

Burrito from Zapatista Burrito Bar Newcastle

5. Frankie and Tony’s Sandwich Bar

If you have forgotten to eat breakfast and want a decent sized lunch, you can’t go past the sandwiches at Frankie and Tony’s. They offer a large variety of fillings from only £2.90. The queues at lunch time are ridiculously long but definitely worth the wait.

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