We all envisioned living with our best mates a little differently. Maybe you thought it would be a little like Friends or How I Met Your Mother and yet you find you have more drama in your student house than an episode of Geordie Shore. Especially now that it’s exam time exam stress really brings out the worst in people. But even the Rachel and Monica had occasional issues, and they always got through it.So, before your flat’s cold war turns into the third world war, you should calm down and listen up, we’ve got some great advice.

Washing up

Nobody likes dirty dishes. So a hundred of them can easily lead to hysteria. Fortunately, there is a simple and elegant solution this; clean your dish as soon as you’re done with it. Instead of ‘leaving it for the morning’, take the 56 seconds to clean your plate then and there.But who’s to clean up the big pile? There’s no easy or fair way to choose, so we say draw straws.


You don’t have to be a neat freak to notice that a house isn’t spotless. Again this issue tends to escalate when we’re all too busy revising to clean. Suddenly, when it’s our turn to take out the recycling, our course revision materials get so much more interesting.The solution is to have a cleaning roster. Every day or two, people take it in turns to take out the rubbish, check the cupboard essentials and hoover. Break up your flat or house into sections, then it won’t seem like such a mammoth task.


Money is a big issue for many people. If someone isn’t paying up or chipping in to buy the essentials, there’s no immediate solution. You could all have your own kitchen roll, butter, ketchup and tea bags but you’ll soon run out of cupboard space. We suggest you sit the offending housemate down and tell them how it is and what you expect from them.

Eating other people’s food

This is should not be an issue, but unfortunately there is always one renegade who feels that he or she deserves the last slice of your cake! So, how do you stop them? It goes back to the old comeback, “I didn’t see your name on it’. Put your name on it then! If your name was on the cake or if it was sitting on ‘your fridge shelf’ then you’re well within your rights to be mad, but don’t blow your top. Words and diplomacy will be better in the long run than revenge.

Leaving food out

Few things are more revolting than seeing a micro-ecosystem develop in a bowl of let over Chinese. Food should be chucked out straight away. ASAP. Pronto.

At the end of the day remember, you won’t be living with your current house mates forever’¦ probably only for a couple more weeks.

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