Struggling for Christmas gift ideas is not unusual for students. You’re probably on a tight spending budget until your next student loan in January. There’s always so much happening at this time of year too. As well as Christmas gifts, you’ve to get your mind ready for parties and festive events.

Christmas can be an expensive time of year for students away from home. Your family and friends will probably still be expecting a Christmas gift, whatever your budget. They should know that you might be strapped for cash, so just inexpensive, small gifts will do. Luxurious or extravagant gifts are out of the question for many students, anyway it’s the thought that counts.

Don’t worry, here are some cost-effective festive solutions to help you buy great Christmas gifts for everyone.

For mum

Perfume is reasonably priced especially from retailers who offer student discounts. Marc Jacobs and ARI by Ariana Grande are a popular buy. How about buying her a pampering gift set or something personal, like a memory jar?

For dad

Men’s aftershave is always a welcome gift and not too expensive. You can save as much as 20% off using your student discount card, so check out Boss In Motion or Calvin Klein CK One Red Edition. Beer and wine sets will always go down well with dads.

For the grandparents

Hampers are a firm favourite with grandparents. They are quite cheap to buy and you can now have them customised. Other Christmas gift ideas are home-made food or how about festive candles?

For brothers

If your brother has an Xbox One or Nintendo, a new game would be a buzz. Remastered Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy or Mario Cart 8 Deluxe are in the top ten this year. If not games, spirit sets are cool or DVDs and Blu-rays will not come in wrong.

For sisters

For something a little different, your sister might like a date night gift. There are plenty of date night options out there, but check she hasn’t got a boyfriend first! A magazine subscription such as Cosmopolitan is a thought or a household gadget like a humane spider catcher will put you in her good books.


Don’t forget your fellow house mates at Christmas. They might have been a pain at times, but hey, isn’t this time of year for giving? To keep within your student budget, hot drinks like a flavoured coffee selection or teas of the world would be appreciated. Card and board games are student favourites (we love Cards Against Humanity) so check out Pass the Pigs or Cards Against Humanity. TV box sets like Games of Thrones and The Office (US) are in the most wished-for TV box sets lists.

There’s a good range of other seasonal gifts around for students on a budget. Use your discount card to save money on books which always make a great gift for anyone. Cheap kitchen gadgets and household gadgets are always a good buy. Great value for money unusual and fun gifts like sprout growing kits will bring a smile on Christmas Day.

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