The city of Newcastle in the North East of England offers students from around the world a very warm welcome. The city is home to two of the country’s finest universities, Newcastle and Northumbria. The universities themselves are located in the heart of the city providing a huge variety of courses in all manner of subjects.

One of the most important things to consider once you have enrolled on a course at Newcastle or Northumbria University is what to look out for when choosing student accommodation to rent. The good news is, reputable student property letting companies, such as ourselves, have many years of experience of student lettings. We offer a simple and effective renting process to get you exactly what you want from our extensive portfolio of student accommodation.

Points to consider

As a student, living away from home in a new area can be quite a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are lots of high quality, private rental properties in Newcastle, and other surrounding areas, not too far from the universities. To avoid any nasty surprises, Letslivehere have the right local knowledge to help you in your search for the most suitable accommodation. Whether you choose to go it alone or house share with fellow students, there are a number of points to consider.

  1. Choosing your housemates. Choosing the right housemates is just as important as choosing where you’re going to live. Who you share your private rental accommodation with can often bring challenges. You’ve got to be able to handle each other’s habits and foibles which may be a little stressful at times.
  2. Don’t sign up for the first house you come across. Take your time and make an informed decision together with the help of professional student accommodation property management companies. The more places you view, the easier it will be to find a rental property to suit your needs.
  3. Location, location, location. The closer the location to the university the less time it’s going to take you to roll out of bed and attend lectures. If rental properties right by the uni are a little on the pricey side, at least choose a house to rent with good transport links. Newcastle for instance has a reliable, efficient and cheap Metro system to and from the heart of the city centre. View our area guides to see which is the best location for you.
  4. The check list. Experienced student property letting agents will conduct a thorough check list on your behalf before you rent. This includes electrical appliances, water supply, fixtures, fittings and even unwelcome pests. Letting experts also ensure there’s no damp, they check insulation and can give you an insight into the local shops, bars as well as restaurants.
  5. Act quickly. Once you’ve made the decision, don’t hang around especially if the accommodation is close to the university itself. Delay and someone else might get in there before you. Make sure there are no disagreements, everyone must agree with the house first before signing on the dotted line. Confirm all the financial details, and then start moving in.

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