When you rent a property, the inside and outside may not always be to your liking. Why not have a word with the landlord/owner to see just what you can and can’t do to put your own stamp on it? Don’t barge in straight away doing alterations, decorating or knocking walls down. Make sure you have permission from the landlord to change the look of your new home first.

When it comes to renting a property sometimes you’re limited to any changes you would like to make. Don’t worry there are some things you can do even though you don’t actually own the property like:-

  • Adding more natural light – don’t have thick, heavy curtains in your main rooms. Blinds, both vertical and horizontal, can be left open or slightly open to let more light into the rooms.
  • Keeping furniture to a minimum – if rooms are on the small side, buy furniture that isn’t overbearing. Two-seater sofas for instance are cosy and don’t take up as much space as a larger sofa. Comfortable seating and a couple of tables are sufficient to have in a living room as well as a TV.
  • Keeping your rental home cool – during the long, hot summer months, the property can be kept cool by opening the windows as much as possible. There’s nothing worse than a stuffy room, especially the bathroom.

Once you’ve got your furniture and possessions in place, sit back and relax in your new home. If there are any issues, get in touch with the landlord asap to get things sorted out.

Keys for Home

Be comfortable

Although you don’t own the property, there’s nothing stopping you from making it more comfortable. For a more personal touch, ask if it’s okay to hang some pictures. Want to change the colour scheme of a room? Again, it’s only respectful to ask the owner if you can go ahead. Being comfortable and feeling at ease is everything when you rent a property.

Treat your rental home as if it was your own and there shouldn’t be any problems. Staying on friendly terms with the landlord/owner is also a good idea. If you need anything repairing or replacing, it’s always best if your relationship with the owner is amicable.

Enjoy the summer

For the property to shine, summer is probably the best time of the year. Enjoy it by keeping the inside of your rental property in good order as well as the outside. Try and cut the lawn or lawns every few weeks and take care of any plants that are already in situ. If you’re a keen gardener, always ask the landlord if you can add some plants or trees to the borders.

Changing the look of a rental internally and externally for the summer can be uplifting. Having your home bright, airy and looking good, will make you feel more relaxed. The landlord will appreciate it too so it’s a win win situation.

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