It has to be said, there’s nothing quite like university life. It’s green for go as soon as you’ve chosen your uni and found your accommodation. But hold on! Once you’ve moved away from home you’ll need to avoid the pitfalls of being on your own.

Everything but the kitchen sink

Remember to take just the essentials with you. Your passport for instance is a must and any ID you may have. Don’t pack everything as most items can be bought either at university or from nearby stores. When you move into your accommodation check through the inventory and make a note of any faults. If you find any, take photograph evidence just so you don’t lose your deposit.

Things to remember in the early days

  • If you’re a little shy, try to overcome this by speaking to other students who are in the same boat as you. Those who have left home for the first time will be feeling lonely and a bit emotional, so why not have a friendly chat?
  • Don’t throw away the boxes you’ve packed your personal stuff in. You might find yourself in the halls of residence for the first year but after that a place of your own or share with fellow students. Flatten the boxes and store under the bed for use later on.
  • For party animals, consider your neighbours. Having parties in your room is all well and good but maybe your next-door neighbour is trying to study – so turn it down in case they make a complaint.
  • Remember you need to get plenty of sleep for the next day’s lectures. Don’t try to attend every fresher’s event. Not only will you be spending your precious cash, you may even overdo it and not enjoy each event as much as you hoped.
  • Meeting new friends is what university is all about. Don’t worry if you feel on your own for the first few days. There are lots of opportunities to find someone to talk to throughout the year.
Student gathering

Everything will be fine

Although it’s quite an upheaval for many students, moving out of your parents’ home and being on your own, can be great fun. You’ll learn all about life skills and survival in the real world. One of the most common things new students find difficult is shopping for food. Mum has always done this so there was always something to eat in the house. A good idea is to make a shopping list and stick to it, there are a number of apps out there to help you with this such as Out of Milk (Android) and Shopping UK (IOS). Don’t buy rubbish as you’ll eat it as soon as you get home and bare cupboards aren’t what you want.

Sign up at the nearest doctor’s surgery just in case you become ill. Remember students get good discounts on prescriptions, eye tests and dental care, so find out more asap. Used to mum washing your clothes? If you’re going to use a laundrette, remember to wash whites and colours separately otherwise you could end up with grey everything.

Resources for student discounts:

Remember to be sensible and stay within your budget. You’re there to study so don’t skip lectures. Study hard, make friends and have some fun along the way, you’ll be fine.

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