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Maybe you want to escape to the suburbs after a hard day at work but still get home in time to enjoy your evenings? More out of town locations include Gosforth, Long Benton and Forest Hall. All have the amenities you need for when you run out of milk, or fancy a night in your local with easy access to the city centre for work or a night out.

Gosforth has some great pubs and if you are looking for somewhere out of the hussle bussle of city life then Gosforth is a great place to find your next accommodation.

lets eat here

The Falcons Nest

Located in Gosforth Park this country farmhouse-style pub/restaurant provides an idyllic retreat with delicious hearty food and pretty summertime beer garden.


Falcons Nest Gosforth Park

Deli Espresso

In the heart of Gosforth, this cafe offer a large variety of healthy breakfast and lunch options, along with healthy (and the ‘odd’ not so healthy) sweet treat.

Deli Espresso Gosforth

Deli Espresso Gosforth

Loch Fyne Restaurant

Renovated from a church to a stunning seafood restaurant in the centre of Gosforth, this is one place to visit whether you live in Gosforth or not! Experience the mouthwatering dishes for yourself.

Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill Gosforth

Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill in Gosforth

lets drink here

The Brandling Arms

Your home away from home. This top-notch pub is set away from the hustle and bustle of Gosforth High Street so you can enjoy the delicious food and specialty drinks in peace.


Brandling Arms Gosforth

The Brandling Villa

This independent boozer in South Gosforth specializes in whiskies and craft beers with homemade burgers and live music. Perfect for your boozy local.

Brandling Villa Gosforth

Brandling Villa Gosforth

lets shop here

An abundance of shops

With multi story parking and an abundance of shops pubs cafes and restaurants Gosforth quite simply has is all whilst still maintaining its high street charm


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