Wondering how you can make your house feel like home? We have complied 5 tips that instantly liven,and add warmth and comfort to your room without breaking the bank.

1. Layer Up the Floors
Make your room that little more cosy with a fluffy rug – just the look of something soft and comfortable will make you feel relaxed and comfortable in your new home. It also provides some dimension to your room, especially when you have hard wooden flooring. For the bedroom, the best placement for a rug is at the end or either side of your bed.

Make your house a home with rugs

Layer rugs for extra dimensions and comfort

2. Style Your Shelves

Pull out all those little sentimental items you brought along from home – from books to travel mementos, the more personality and uniqueness you add, the better. By bringing along items your room will feel more like home and remind you of your favourite memories. Style the shelves to be aesthetically pleasing – think colour matching or a theme, you’re are more likely to fall in love with your room if it looks great.

Style your shelves

Add personality and colour to the room by styling your shelves

3. The Little Things Matter

Additions such as candles and plants can make a huge difference in making your room peaceful and warm. With a touch of nature (whether it be faux or real) it can instantly brighten your room, especially if you have limited natural lighting or no windows. Candles can be a great mood booster – after a stressful day at work or university you can burn one, and it can instantly put you at ease – you can get them in your favourite scent too.

Make your house a home

Boost your mood with candles and plants

4. Include a Throw and Pillows

Style your room by adding a throw and decorative pillows to your bed – using different textures and colours will add warmth and personality to any plain room. It’s always best to go with plain features e.g. duvet, curtains, then add colour with throws and pillows.

Make your house a home with bed throws

Add warmth and style your room with bed throws and pillows

5. Add a Personal Touch with Art and Photos

Immediate add an element that feels unique to you and your interests with pieces of Art and photos. Whether you hang your assortment of postcards you collected while travelling or your favourite snaps of your family and friends, it turn your room into a meaningful space that you want to spend time in.

make your house a home with photos

Art and photos give your room a personal touch