We all waste time instead of studying every now and again. If you say you haven’t, you may want to put out the fire on your pants.What makes things worse is that by now, some of your friends will have finished their exams and be chilling in the sun.But what could possibly be more appealing than studying? Despite the sarcasm we never actually do anything fun on our study days. What we really do is find joy in mundane tasks that we would never even dream of doing before. But just what are these tasks?

1. Tidying up / cleaning

Admit it, you would rather wash, dry, dust and vac up your whole house instead of putting the pen to paper. It starts out small, maybe just your desk or bed, then it grows to your whole room, and soon enough you’re retiling the roof. A spring clean is always welcome, but maybe leave it for when you’re not trying to be pass your end of year exams.

2. Eating and watching TV

You need fuel in order to keep your brain working right? So we’ll cook ourselves a batch of anything with a side order of everything! But you can’t eat and revise, that’s multitasking on a whole other level! We’ll just kick back and put on Netflix for a little while. Just one episode can’t hurt, right?

3. Tweet about how hard you are studying

Just as you go to post your ‘Slowly dying of boredom’ status, you look down the feed and see that everyone is working just as hard as you. Then you get a little annoyed because they so aren’t, you’re just on a small break right? But then you look further and further and eventually you have to control yourself and put down the phone. You think ‘Maybe I should have some proof of my hard work’ and then you tweet about it.

4. Learning about anything but your subjects

It’s called The Wikipedia Effect and it’s where somebody finds themselves reading through countless Wikipedia articles until you’ve read enough to feel enriched and satisfied with countless, useless knowledge. Hey, did you know that some Salmon can be as heavy as 61KG? Or did you know that Norman Reedus was born on January 6th 1969?

5. Thinking about what will happen if you do and don’t study

You start to worry at first and ask yourself what job will you have and will you ever be happy? Mass panic erupts in your head and maybe this isn’t all worth it and you begin to hang your belongings on the end of a stick. Then as the suns shines through your window, your mind turns a new leaf, in which you envision a great future: fast cars, a gorgeous partner and lots of spending money. And so, with a sigh that says ‘Let’s do this’, and you do.

So c’mon guys. Give the books one more chance. In fact, why are you still reading this? Get on with your work!

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