The waiting is over, you’re student loan is in.

Now before you go wild with excitement and impulse buy all of Metro Centre with your student loan, please take heed to the following. The student life can be a struggle if your finances aren’t in order. It is wise to take the time to set a budget and stick to it, but we understand it’s harder than it seems so we’ve put together our top tips to saving on the things that matter.

We don’t want to state the obvious but letslivehere has fixed admin fees, just one way you could save this term #sorrynotsorry – for other tips please continue reading’¦

Buy a railcard

Save 1/3 on rail fares throughout the UK that means trips to the coast, weekend festivals and concerts. Not only does it save you money on travel but also with a number of partner restaurants, hotels and more. It’s also great for international students to explore the country on a budget! Buy a railcard here.

Browse itison regularly

With daily deals for restaurants, events and booze, you’ll save a lot of coin planning ahead rather than purchasing willy nilly. Even better if you get a friend on board to take advantage of the 2-4-1 deals! Start saving here.

Sign up to your favourite shops loyalty cards / email subscriptions

Yes they can be annoying, but usually companies reward customers for signing up to their databases with discounts, and who doesn’t love a discount?! It’s also a great way to find out when your favourite stores are holding sales!


The North East is flooded with students, and companies know this that’s why many stores have student rates and discounts. Even Top Shop offer 10% OFF all year round to students. You won’t know if you don’t ask!

Go halves with Netflix

Ah, Netflix. The classic tool for procrastination – can’t live without it! But did you know Netflix allows each account two users? Grab your best mate and go 50/50 on the monthly bill – join here.

Student Discount Book

Pop into the letslivehere office and grab at Student Discount Book Newcastle, with £250 worth of vouchers FREE (including a letslivehere voucher, LA taxis and Kaspa’s Desserts), you can make it your 2016 mission to work through the book front to back.


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生活费终于到手了, 漫长的等待终于结束了。

现在, 在你想象自己在兴奋和冲动地情绪之下用这笔生活费把整个Metro Centre买下来之前, 请先听听以下忠告。没有合理的资金安排下,你的学生生活也许会变得十分艰难。 此时应该花些时间提前给自己做个经济预算, 但是我们十分理解这件事做起来比看上去要难得多,因此我们帮您整理所有相关的方案。

首先, 我们毫不隐瞒地告诉您我们有全纽卡最优惠的固定中介收费, 而这是第一个您能节约开销的地方,保证您不会后悔。以下乃其他方案:


您可以在旅游整个英国时在火车票上节约三分之一-这也表示您可以更轻松地安排去海边, 周末假期和音乐会的旅程。当然, 这不仅仅是在帮您节约路费而且当您去它合作的餐馆和酒店时也可以享受折扣。这绝对是个留学生不可错过在节约预算的情况下探索英国的好方法!买Railcard请按这里(means:here)。



没错, 他们有时可能会令人很烦恼,但是通常商店会给予他们的会员特别的优惠和折扣,然而又有谁不喜欢折扣呢!这也是一个让您在第一时间知道你喜欢的商店开始sale或有任何限时折扣的有效方法。


英国东北部最不缺的就是学生, 而所有商家都知道这一点-这就是为什么许多商店会有学生价和学生折扣。例如:Top Shop提供全年10%的学生折扣。因此如果你不问你永远不会知道!


Netflix, 一个生活中不可或缺的消遣方式,看电影, 追美剧, 都靠它!但你知道Netflix允许两个用户同时使用一个账户吗?现在就带上你的好朋友去平分月费吧-加入请按这里.


到我们的办公室并带上您的学生折扣手册, 里面有价值£250的优惠劵(包括Letslivehere,LA出租车和Kaspa’s甜品)您也可以将它作为2016å¹´çš„’To Do List’!